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The first step is to download my script from Github and to add the code in a new file on your Ubuntu machine, wherever you’d like this. Open up an Ubuntu terminal and cd to the directory where you’d like to keep the script and then create the file: There are some things you can configure/change to your likings at the top of the script.You can choose if you wish to install Wkhtmltopdf or not, which version you’d like, where the location is and most importantly what the master admin password is. These are official repo's that are already added but disabled in Ubuntu. Both Get Deb and Play Deb are repositories, sources of updates for actual software you have or will have installed. The partner repositories are another source of software, but for those with restrictive licenses that mean the general public cannot simply share them, such as Flash and Skype.echo 'deb /' | sudo tee -a /etc/apt/d/&& echo 'deb-src /' | sudo tee -a /etc/apt/d/&& wget -O - apt-key add - Now we're going to install all the things we thing the average user will need to not encounter any problems playing Music or Videos, watching DVDs, going on You Tube or extracting archives.Below you can find a breakdown of what each package does.Unfortunately, due to legal issues, it is not included by default.

When you’d change this port number to 8070 in the install script it would be applied to /etc/and this would give you the ability to change the default port.

This is the step that most frequently goes wrong and you should read what your terminal prints out before confirming.

You may end up removing something you don't want to if there is a conflict.

To apply these changes you should do the following: The -c will change the configuration and memorize what you’ve changed under /etc/

Because my port was set to 8070 this is telling the Odoo that it should run on port 8070.