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Validating a process model

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The model is useful for drawing up the hypothesis about how you can deliver, create and capture value.Each step of validating your business model will examine different segments in the nine-step business model.

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Good value propositions are about performance, customisation, design, price, cost-reductions, risk-reduction and accessibility.There are three clever ways to validate these assumptions and to talk directly to customers: Nabila Amarsy has written a compelling post on Strategyzer about the differences in customer experiments.The post points out how customer behaviour and responses will change regarding whether you are watching them or not.MVP will allow validating all three sections – it will outline what resources you need in order to create the solution, it will show what strategic partnership help or hinder the process, and it will make it easier to understand what activities can improve your startup’s ability to create the value.At this stage, you could also begin validating the core points through a limited launch of the product or service. But instead of just writing down your business plan, your startup’s business model will require proper validation before you start doing business.