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“Justify My Love” by Madonna (1990) The always image-conscious Madge did her very best to cause a scandalous splash with this infamous video, which actually isn’t terribly shocking when you get down the nuts (pun! Shot in grainy black and white, the video aimed to resembled a ’60s art-house film of Paris, where the scenes were shot in an upscale hotel.But still, the scarcely covered dominatrix made things too hot for MTV, who subsequently banned the video for being overly sexual (and maybe also for not being a very good song).We’re guessing it may have had something to do with the implied “golden-shower” by the dude dressed up as a Roman emperor.“Girls, Girls, Girls” by Motley Crue (1987) Even though David Fincher’s supermodel-filled vid for “Freedom ’90” is wayyyyyyy better, this earlier post-Wham! to make sure Official is the Number 1 chart site on the interweb.

Luckily the obscene ruling was reversed on appeal, but the song still had to undergo some lyrical changes (and the dancers had to put on bike shorts) before it could be shown on MTV.The lyrics don’t exactly help matters, featuring eternal lines like “I’m not your father/I’m not your brother/Talk to your sister/I am a lover” and of course “It’s natural/It’s chemical/It’s logical/Habitual.” “Wicked Game” by Chris Isaak (1989) For years whenever this video came on, we assumed it was a Calvin Klein ad and just changed the channel.But it wasn’t until recently that we actually watched the whole thing and realized just exactly why this beach romp got everybody hot and bothered back in the glory days of MTV.However, the video caused an uproar in the mainstream media, getting banned by the BBC.MTV only agreed to play a heavily edited version, limiting the scantily clad pillow fights, sumo-wrestling, mud-wrestling, nudity and other debauchery.The ubiquitous tune is catchy as hell and features musical help from fellow super-talents T. The vid has raised some red flags with fans, and even got yanked off of You Tube for a spell.