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In fact, since it was known that the Shroud had been subject to heating in its past, even before the radiocarbon measurements were made, tests were carried out to assess the effect of heating on its carbon-14 age.

The answer, all three laboratories concurred, was that there was none.

The result – from three different laboratories – indicated that it did not date from the time of the death of Christ but rather from between AD 12, the early medieval period.

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The mean age of the Turin Shroud is 664 /- 33 years (made between AD 12 with 95% confidence).

The problem in those days was that carbon-14 is present in such low abundance that for many years very large sample sizes (handkerchief size or larger) would have been required for a measurement to be made.

And removing – and destroying – such a large sample would never have been permitted.

It was claimed that it had not been the original material of the cloth that had been dated – that a later patch had been sampled by accident or that the radiocarbon age had been reset by external agents ranging from 16th century fire damage to biofilms on the threads that imparted a spuriously young age to the relic.

The Shroud is one of the most important relics in the Christian church and almost from the moment that Willard Libby invented the radiocarbon dating technique in the 1940s, the Shroud has been an obvious and high profile candidate for measurement.