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I've been wondering if I am pregnant, for a while, now. I try putting it out of my head, telling myself I am not, but the symptoms are still there. I am gaining weight, my stomach looks/feels bigger. I know that it is probably way too early, to be feeling any baby movement (if I'm even pregnant), but I just wanted to know if anyone else has experienced this/knows what it could be, or if it's just nothing. I never had the feeling before other than being pregnant.

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Born and raised in Michigan, she graduated from Grand Rapids Catholic Central High School in 2002.

She was a member of the varsity basketball and golf teams, among various other clubs and organizations.

I had two serious, long-term boyfriends through high school and college, so I knew I enjoyed being in a relationship, but I didn’t enjoy the process of finding the right partner.

Well…fast forward a few years, when a unique opportunity fell in to my lap.

He made this TV dating experience seem fun, natural, and normal.

From then on, I stepped out of my safe place and never looked back.

I wasn’t doing it alone, and I certainly wasn’t the only one who felt it was a little weird.

Jason was by my side the whole time, and made the uncomfortable stuff feel comfortable.

Molly ultimately won his heart, and they were married on Feb. She now resides with Jason and his son, Ty, in Kirkland, Wash., where she has stepped away from the world of television to continue her retail career with Rather than putting myself through that, I decided to take a different approach to finding love…television!Before going on “The Bachelor,” I was just your typical 20-something girl.Throughout her life, Molly has not only strived for academic, athletic, and career success, but she has a passion for service to her school, church, and community through charity and service.When she’s not playing sports with Ty, cooking with Jason, or hanging “in” with her family, Molly has chosen to dedicate her free time to helping those less fortunate.After graduating in 2006, Molly relocated to Milwaukee, Wis., where she began her retail career with Kohl’s Corporation.