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Except it’s all well and good for those guys to insist that they’re Not That Guy…

We make jokes-but-not-really about frat boys all being date-rape-y Broheims with popped collars and artfully disheveled baseball caps, and the “creepy” loner with the patchy beard and the long, black trench coat who poses a legitimate threat until it’s too late.

To quote one of the more notorious PUA gurus to be treated this way.

They’re the ones who deserve to be given a chance, not to be punished for the actions of a few bad actors, right?

After all, we men simply don’t experience the same risks, so we dismiss them.In fact, this is the basis of the techniques pick-up artists teach to overcome “last minute resistance” – applying social pressure to coerce a woman into sleeping with the PUA even when she doesn’t want to.After all, if she didn’t say “no” directly – so the theory goes – there’s still some wiggle room to get her to give in.The statistic should also be directly relevant to the point of your post as well.Every time I answer a woman’s question about dealing with somebody who’s being creepy, there are the inevitable apologists.Case in point: at my Kotaku column, a woman wrote in about a Nice Guy who wouldn’t leave her alone at a party. ” “He clearly wasn’t a threat, he was just socially awkward.” Of course, when people explained that she might have concerns for her physical safety, we got the On April 25th, Chris Plaskon, a junior at Jonathan Law High-School in Milford Connecticut, asked Meran Sanchez to go to the prom with him. So he grabbed her by the throat, pushed her down a flight of stairs and then stabbed her repeatedly in the face, chest and throat.