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Xml validating tool

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This allows you to make sure that the schema is valid and your instance documents are valid against the updated schema.

For example, when editing a schema, there are 6 XML Schema processors that Oxygen supports and others can also be added as external processors.The error locations are also marked in red on the right side of the editing view, in an overview ruler that allows you to quickly navigate between the errors.Oxygen has built-in support for various external validation engines, including Xerces, LIBXML, XSV, Saxon SA, MSXML4.0, MSXML . In addition to these engines that are pre-configured, you can also add your own custom validation engine.In this case, if you validate the XSLT module by itself, you will get an error that no template or variable exists with that name.However, you can use custom validation scenarios in Oxygen to validate the master XSLT stylesheet that includes this module and there will be no such error.Working with large projects or a vast number of files increases the probability that errors will occur.