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We greatly appreciate the cooperation we have received from those involved."According to the Kansas City Star, Benedictine College opted to remove the term "yoga" due to concerns from multiple sources that the term implied support for Hinduism."Complaints ...began to come in from alumni, students, faculty and some administrators who argued that as a Hindu practice, yoga was not in keeping with Catholic-based education," reported the Star."Others ...A married young teacher who had sex with a 16-year-old student has been jailed for 90 days.Emily Lofing, 27, was sentenced Monday after first being charged with a misdemeanor of debauching a minor in February.argued that the name yoga should no longer be used because in teaching just the exercise aspects of yoga — as opposed to both its physical and spiritual aspects — Benedictine wasn't teaching true yoga.Thus it should not use the Hindu name."Some voiced their opposition to Benedictine College's dropping of the name "yoga" from the class by signing an online petition that as of Tuesday has over 170 signatories.Not only was I happy to discover the faithfulness with which the prayers were said, I felt Soul Core added a new component to my prayer.

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A Roman Catholic school in Kansas decided to change the name of its yoga course to "lifestyle fitness" due to concerns that the word "yoga" implied support for Hinduism.We must pray with our whole being to give all power possible to our supplication".So, for those people who enjoy core-strengthening exercises, but want to avoid yoga, Soul Core is not only a viable alternative, it also could add to your spiritual life!Deanne Miller and Colleen Scariano explained that their new exercise movement is born from the desire to nourish both body and soul through exercise.Miller referenced the inspiration for the upcoming World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia, which is St.Physical exercise adds depth to our prayer that helps lead us toward being a fit instrument for Christ. " Her words are backed by the words of the Catechism that tells us, "The need to involve the senses in interior prayer corresponds to a requirement of our human nature.